Help me, Hold me, Love me

Don’t leave  me

I’m just so scared 

How did it get to this?

Love me, Hold me, Need me

Please don’t go away

I have nothing left.

Take me to a place of comfort

a place to call home

where love breathes

and there is no stale air.

No more tears

No more pain

I thought I would find my way by now

but it seems I just keep hitting a wall.

But in you, I found that light

when my life had been full of such darkness.

But I’m a fool

and my insecurities get in the way

I don’t know how to change 

It’s been my life for so long.

I’ve always learned to take the good with the bad.

But not you, I don’t want you to get my bad

So when my fears get in the way

I just have to believe

that there’s something more out there for me

And maybe someday

I will learn how to not only grasp it,

but hold onto it, embrace it

and when I get scared

I can try and remind myself 

that I took this journey

And yes, I did fall 

But I also got back up every damn time

And now I am exactly

where I am supposed to be…..Home








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