Second Chance…

I’m lying here on this afternoon

and I cant help but to try and put my thoughts into words.

The last few years have been so difficult for me

when, in actuality, they should have been the happiest.

I was newly married, in a new house, hoping to start a family.

But life had another plan for me.

I started to get sick,

I felt like my life became a series of doctor visits.

My marriage started to crumble

and the one thing I had hoped would save it

was the one thing I found I could not provide…a baby.

I think a part of me died inside the day I received that news.

It ended my marriage and changed my life completely.


I was lonely, so depressed and so in need of an emotional bond,

any kind of spiritual connection.

It was then that you came into my life.

It was a relationship built solely on words, on beautiful conversation.

God, that was all I ever needed, all I ever wanted.

You made me happy.

For the first time in a year

I had someone who took the time to listen to me,

who wanted to hear about what I felt.

It was an amazing feeling

and I just couldn’t let it go.

You saved me.


Life is a series of twists and turns,

its about change and growth.

The key is to find that person

who will change and grow with you.

Find that person who will not fear it, but encourage it.


You are that person.

You listened to me when no one else would.

You made me realize that maybe I deserved something more.

And I’m tired of punishing myself for having the courage

to make myself happy.

I tried, I tried to make it work.

But I could only try by myself for so long.


You are my star

You are the light that took me out of my darkness.

And I know there is a reason behind this all.

I know you came into my life when you did

because I needed you

and some way, somehow the universe knew it too.


I know that the road ahead of me

is going to try to knock me down

and it’s not going to be an easy path by any means.

But all I ask is that people give us a chance

because I know in my heart

that you will be the one

to teach me what true love is.

You will be the one

who helps heal my soul

and mend the wounds that run so deep inside of me.

You will be the one

who will help me find the beauty inside of me

instead of all the insecurities that I see now.

And not because I believe you are better than him

it’s because you took the time to try.

That’s all I ask.

That’s all I ever needed….

to be given a chance.




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