Daily Reminders

I have been suffering from chronic illnesses since 2004. I look in the mirror and I see how it has changed my appearance. I sometimes no longer recognize what is staring back at me. I look hollow. I look tired. I look worn down.

My mental attitude depends on the day. I would love to say that being sick for so long has not broken my spirits, but I would be lying. I find it near impossible to remain positive every single day. However, there are those moments when the old me creeps in and shows herself. I cherish those days.

I am trying to remind myself that I am someone who is sick, but I am not my illnesses. They do not define me. Here are my daily remembrances:

~keep smiling

~show a little love

~laughter is good for the soul

~find beauty in the little things

~when all else fails, turn that music up and just dance.

Hell yes!!!


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