Dogs and Chronic Illnesses

Dogs and Chronic Illnesses

I was 23 when I got my first dog. She was a Jack Russell Terrier named Nikki and she was all mine. Nikki was energetic, loyal, smart, and funny! She quickly became my best friend. I took her everywhere.
Eight years after I got Nikki I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I had also been diagnosed with Stage IV endometriosis three years earlier. In addition, I was going through a divorce. Everything I knew, everything I planned for, everything I worked for was suddenly taken away. My health was failing and I was left bedridden for 6 months. It put a strain on my friendships, as well. My world stopped, but everyone kept on living.
And then there was Nikki. I was still her world. And I realized that this was effecting her too. She felt my pain, she felt my sadness, she felt my fears. She needed her mom back. Nikki forced me to get up and push on because I refused to not be able to take care of her. I was her care taker and I loved her too much to let her down.
I lost Nikki on December 31, 2011 to cancer. I will never be able to truly explain what she meant to me because it’s beyond words. She never left my side. She loved me and saw me through such a difficult time in my life. She is now every rainbow I see in the sky looking down on me.


8 thoughts on “Dogs and Chronic Illnesses

  1. I’m hysterical crying. Only a dog has that unconditional love Nikki had for you. They always love on in our hearts. And yes, I do believe she is every rainbow you see. They do give us signs and maybe one day she’ll come back to you in another dog. I’ve seen it in mine. Big hugs and may your little Milo give you similar comfort. They always keep is busy. Sending love and light to you.

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